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    Kaohsiung City Government originally belonged to Taiwan Provincial Government according to each city and county government's regulations and rules of Taiwan Province before July,1979. Under the provincial administration, Kaohsiung City Government has six bureaus, two departments, three offices, 34 affiliated organizations, such as Police Bureau, Health Bureau, Tax Bureau and 77 public schools. Six bureaus of the above-mentioned include Civil Affairs, Finance, Construction, Public Works, Education and Social Affairs. Two departments are Military Service and Land Administration. Three offices are Administration, Personnel and Accounting.

    After abolishing Taiwan Provincial Government in July, 1979, Kaohsiung City Government has been supervised to  the Executive Yuan. In order to meet the needs of  the public and cope with social trends , the varieties of occupational functions have been expanded by the Government into the current situations.Moreover, since institutions and schools have increased year after year,it certainly weighs the numbers of the workforce and personnel costs for the Government. In recent years, by way of reducing the costs and promoting the efficiency and productivity of civil services, it has been emphasized to condense the structures of Kaohsiung City Government's organizations. Through the conception of zero-based budgeting, the balance of cost effects and business management, Kaohsiung City Government has allocated and integrated its affiliated organizations to the completion of certain projects, the shrinkage of the functions and the practical needs for new institutions. Now, Kaohsiung City Government administers 18 bureaus, 7 departments, 4 committees, Open University, 11 district administrations, 85 subordinative institutions, and 144 public schools. Among the above-mentioned, 18 bureaus include Bureau of Civil Affairs, Bureau of Finance, Bureau of Education, Economic Development Bureau, Marine Bureau, Bureau of Urban Development, Bureau of Public Works, Bureau of Social Affairs, Bureau of Labor Affairs, Municipal Police, Fire Department, Health Bureau,Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Rapid Transit Systems,Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Bureau of Transportation, Tourism Bureau, Organic Law and Statute Bureau. 8 departments include Department of Secretariat, Department of Land Administration, Department of Information,Secretariat, Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Department Of Information Management, Department of Personnel, and Department of Government Ethnics. 3 committees are Research,Development and Evaluation Commission, Commission of Aboriginal Affairs,and Council for HAKKA Affairs.Besides, Kaohsiung City Government has already distributed a necessary amount of the workforce in its subordinative institutions. Except business organizations and different degrees of schools, the total number of civil servants who are legally listed is 13455 and who are budgeted is 12138 in 2008.

    There are two affiliated institutions, i.e ., Mutual Welfare Committee of Government Employees and Teachers and The Training  Center  of  Government Employees  belonged to Department of Personnel in the early stage. The Training Center of Government Employees has been reconstituted under the supervision of Kaohsiung City Government directly in 1983. Moreover , Mutual Welfare Committee of Government Employees and Teachers has been changed its title to House Build Assisted Welfare Mutual Help Commission ; in March 1996 to manage and assist the business of building apartments for government employees and teachers. Department of Personnel itself is divided into four divisions and has 498 legally listed personnel staffs.